Polluks Star crewing company

Russia, Petrozavodsk


+7 814 233 00 08

Fax +7 814 233 00 08

E-mail info@polluks-star.com

Our good clients

Our partners are:

1) Hansa ship management (dry cargo, container) - https://hansashipping.ee/fleet

2) Inok TM (Bulk carriers, Oil product tankers, Chemical tankers, modern dry cargo fleet, Supply fleet) - http://inok-tm.ru/en/fleet/

3) Vista Shipping (dry cargo) - http://www.vista.ee/?show=vessels&fhght=830

4) Amberseas Maritime (dry cargo) - https://amberseas.com/our-fleet/

5) Amasus shipping (group of LSA Li Shipping agency) - https://www.amasus.nl/vlootlijst?language=en

We offer crewing service for all type of vessel. We have in our crew date base good experienced, motivated, hard workers, non alcohol problem seafarers, stable and not a jumpers.

Our company located in North-west of Russian (Petrozavodsk), we have our agents in St Petersburg, Astrakhan, Moskow,Odessa, Kherson.