Polluks Star crewing company

Russia, Petrozavodsk


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Policy in the field of quality

Implementing the service for employment of seafarers on vessels under foreign flags, the Company is committed to the following provisions:

- the maximum degree of satisfaction of the demands as vessels owners and seekers, vacancies for seafarers ' employment, 

- to carry out its activities in accordance with international Convention law and applicable Russian legislation,

- mandatory consideration of the requirements of the Maritime administrations of the flag countries of the vessel for which the selection of seafarers is carried out,
 openness to feedback from customers of our service, readiness for improvements and perception of competitive experience. 

We offer crewing service for all type of vessels. We have in our crew date base good experienced, motivated, hard workers, non alcohol problem seafarers, stable and not a jumpers.

We looks for seaman step by step
1) we find crewmember
2) we check his CV according requirements of shipowner
3) If he has good experience we check his reference with last three companies and prepare form contained: name of company, name of manager, contact phone and comments (if shipowner would like to check himself).
4) we check all documents
5) we offer candidate to shipowner


Qualified instructors and specialists of the organization are always ready to provide advice on training and registration of working documents to members of the crews of vessels.