Polluks Star crewing company

Russia, Petrozavodsk


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Polluks Star company has open Nod-West training center for seafarers.
All training are certifaed by Ministry of trasport of Russian Fediration with last Manila ammendments.

All training navigational equipment was installed by Transas.

Classrooms are equipped with whiteboards, educational visual equipment, literature, manuals and handouts, multimedia centers (TVs, DVD players, computers and laptops). The classrooms are equipped with real ship equipment and equipment, the computer room is equipped with computers with testing and training programs, a projector, air conditioning. The rooms are equipped with educational furniture. A telephone/Fax is available at the administration office.

To ensure practical training and exercises, the organization has special simulators for practicing the skills and abilities of students:

"Fire fighting compartment" including smoke maze, fireman's clothing and equipment sets, fire equipment and dummies;
"Water fighting compartment on the ship" with real ship equipment with simulation of hole sealing and water fighting on the ship;
Simulator for the use of marine rescue equipment, located in the waters of lake Onega, including a tower for jumping water and dropping a life raft, duty boat with a motor, life rafts, lifeboat on a gravity Davit, sets of individual rescue equipment.

During the training, students have the opportunity to use textbooks, computer training and testing programs, reference and educational literature available in the required quantity. Modern educational multimedia complexes allow students to use electronic technologies in preparation for the test of knowledge, as well as directly in the classroom.

Qualified instructors and specialists of the organization are always ready to provide advice on training and registration of working documents to members of the crews of ships.